Paul James is a Manchester based multi-disciplinary artist and designer. Working with various mediums, he is committed to raising awareness of social and environmental issues, and engaging peoples imaginations through his work. 

His products are completely unique- you wont find these designs anywhere else- and stem from a wide range of influences.

Ultimately, the aim is to inspire and be inspired, to contribute platforms for positive change. Available on a commission basis for both private and public clients.


Paul has previously experimented with art forms spanning music, film, and design, and has a number of years experience in various design studios.


In 2019 he founded Paul James Design in Manchester, UK, which began successfully with the commission of the installation "Time & Tide" with Pute Naruenapai for Canary Wharf, London.

Since then the product range and artwork has grown steadily, and will continue to do so, but maintains an ethos of being completely unique and drawing on a wide range of influences.

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