My practice is based around imagination and freedom of creativity without limitation of any particular medium. This means an idea may be expressed through painting, sculpture, or product design, and I aim to bring pleasure to my audience through my artwork and products.


I also believe in the power of art in raising awareness of social and environmental issues. By engaging a persons imagination, an emotional reaction takes place which can not be replicated by other media.


At a time in history where we face so many mounting challenges, artists have the ability to contribute platforms for positive change, to inspire and be inspired in turn.


Paul James is a Manchester based multi-disciplinary artist and designer, working with various mediums.


He has previously experimented with art forms spanning music, film, and design, and has a number of years experience in various design studios.


In 2019 he founded Paul James Design in Manchester, UK, which began successfully with the commission of the installation "Time & Tide" with Pute Naruenapai for Canary Wharf, London.

Since then the product range and artwork has grown steadily, and will continue to do so.


His products are completely unique- you wont find these designs anywhere else- and stem from a wide range of influences. Available on a commission basis for both private and public clients.


+44 (0)7587731412

Please get in touch to discuss new projects, press requests, collaborations, and commissions.

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